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Upcoming Film & TV Projects (2023-2024)

 If you're a filmmaker or producer with a fully funded project And is looking for the right team to bring it to life, we'd love to hear from you! Please email 

DeadLined (TV SERIES)

A wannabe wall street lender and a wannabe sex educator form an unexpected bond as they face the unpredictable people, places and pressures while surviving in New York City. (Dark Comedy/Thriller)

A Cure For Cancer (Documentary Feature)


Currently in Production

A father and son's journey to Japan to find a cure for Cancer, results in them confronting fear, death and love while one has a fear of dying the other has a fear of not living.

Entitled Film (2024)

Horror Comedy that will be shooting in Upstate New York 2024. 

You Only Die Once (Season 2)


Sequel to the popular award winning Horror Comedy web series "You Only Die Once" (AKA YODO) will premiere Halloween 2024


Thriller Currently in Development

The Session (Feature Film)

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