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ThreeWay Product is a NYC based production company that specialize in providing our clients with the insight and tools they need to create captivating Film, TV and Commerical content that sets them apart from the rest.


At ThreeWay Product, we don't just talk the talk, we get shit done.

Our team of experienced professionals has a track record of delivering successful projects across various industries. From event production to screenwriting and casting to filming and post-production, we are committed to working with you every step of the way to ensure that your vision is realized.

Seth Co-Founder & Chief Financial Officer


Seth, with a diverse and varied background, is currently co-founder and Chief Financial Officer of ThreeWay Product. Before forming his own company, Four Breaths Inc., he trained and managed a sales team for The New York Times. There he created an experiential marketing campaign that assisted in the transition from paper to digital. Later, he became VP of Sales for Healing Hyperbarics which is a company that provides alternative wellness products for the sports and medical industries. He was also responsible for securing both vendor and distributor agreements as well as closing manufacturer and customer agreements. Seth has produced and directed numerous shorts, commercials and music videos, and was featured on CBS and Tosh 2.0.  In 2019, he produced the feature film Night Sweats (starring John Wesley Shipp "The Flash"). At Threeway Product, Seth is in charge of business development.  


Amanda Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer


Amanda is an award-winning Filmmaker, Screenwriter and Producer. She has worked in the TV and Film industry for over 20 years including Comedy Central's “Broad City," MTV, and The Kellogg Company. Her films, mostly in the horror genre, have screened in numerous festivals around the world.  As a Voice Artist, she's worked on projects ranging from commercial voice over to audiobook narration and more (Credits include American Express, MTV, Zales, Deadline and more!) She is also a former NYC sex educator, having appeared in the New York Times and various other outlets. Her film work has been featured in several publications including "Time Out New York," "The BORO" and "Digital Filmmaker Magazine." Her feature screenplay, “The Ansford Chiller,” is available on Amazon. Amanda, co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of ThreeWay Product, is in charge of marketing and audio and video production at the company. 

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